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Stained Glass Pink Agate Sun Catcher

Stained Glass Pink Agate Sun Catcher

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A pink Brazilian agate slice enclosed in a stained glass mosaic and accented with an aged copper finish. This rustic piece combines nature with light to help inspire an ageless beauty of earth and sky. I chose a rustic weathered copper look to blend with the history of the stone.

The agate is a slice of a Brazilian agate. It is pink, white, and translucent. It contains beautiful rings with a series of horizontal waterlines. It is estimated that each line represents thousands of years of creation.

Material: Brazilian Agate Slice, Stained Glass, Copper, and Lead (solder)

Shape: rectangular

Weight: 68.2 grams

Height: 4 inches (excluding hanging rings)

Width: 2.5 inches

Depth: 1/8 inch