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Artist Series - Skyler Wefer

My name is Skyler Wefer. I was born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, specifically Bellingham WA. I picked up drawing from a very young age. I can remember every year for my Birthday and Christmas I would ask my Grandmother for an art kit. She always came thru and always encouraged me and motivated me to draw more! I can also remember the year I got the new BIG BOX of crayons! I was beyond excited to receive this gift and could not wait to put them to use. Unfortunately I left said box of crayons on the old outboard heater we used to have and by the time I found them they had melted into a puddle. Devastated I cried, but my Grandma was quick to console me and let me know she would replace them. At the age of 29 I decided I could not take the gloom of the Northwest any longer, so I packed up about half of my belongings and moved south to San Diego. My time in San Diego was amazing! I got to connect with some incredible artist and got involved with a group called the 'Infusion Project' where we performed live art alongside DJs at some of San Diego's most iconic venues. After 5 years in California I met who is now my Husband. We decided to pack it up once more and relocated to Salt Lake City where will still reside today. My art focuses on bold, bright designs. There is so much darkness in this world and I am doing my best to bring a little color back. My work is very abstract/psychedelic and immersive. I love to get a big blank canvas and focus on filling in every single void space so that it gives the viewer something new to look at and find every time they see it.

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