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About Me

Tundrafox Designs is a small art studio run by me, the artist, Don Wilcox. I am learning and evolving my work. My passion is mixed media. Taking several materials to combine them in innovative and unique ways. My goal is to create art that brings joy and happiness to others.

I am passionate about and even obsessed with the process of creating. My work started off as rough and rustic. I am evolving to refine it and still have a way to go. It is my hope that you enjoy my work and that it adds value in the world though functionality, aesthetics, and inspiration.

Don Wilcox - lapidary and jewelry artist

My studio is located in Lynnwood, Washington, just north of Seattle. I have taken classes with many well known artists at North Seattle Community College, Schack Art Center, and Pratt Fine Arts Center. I also collaborate and exchange studio time with other artists in order to expand in a collaborative atmosphere.

Currently I display at several small shows each year in the Edmonds, Washington area. As my time permits, I hope to expand my showing beyond online and local shows into some galleries and retail locations.


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