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Stained Glass Orca Whale

Stained Glass Orca Whale

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I hand crafted these stained glass orca whales (sometimes referred to as the killer whales) from black and white opaque art glass. My goal is to create quality art pieces you will be proud to display in your home.

Each piece of glass is hand selected. I cut each piece form quality art glass. Next, I work the edges to a precise fit. I use a copper foil around the edges of each piece of glass, then solder these together for a sturdy artistic join. Finally I add a black patina to highlight the orca as the central focus. Perfect for mounting in a window or equally on a wall, inside or outside.

It is designed to bring the beauty of nature into one's living space.

Suction cup not provided, but I do include small reusable clear 3M hooks suitable for walls and windows.

Time Lapse Video on how these are created (Twitter): Click here.

Material: Stained Glass, Copper, and Lead (solder)

Shape: Orca

Weight: 3.2 ounces

Height: 5"

Width: 8"

Depth: 1/4"