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Stained Glass Double Brazilian Agate Sun Catcher - Meadium

Stained Glass Double Brazilian Agate Sun Catcher - Meadium

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Two Brazilian agate slices with clear crystals enclosed in a stained glass mosaic of purple, amber and a purple/green streaked art glass. Accented with a stylish copper finish. This sleek piece combines nature with light to help inspire an ageless beauty of earth and sky. I chose a a shiny copper metal finish to balance the antique look of stained glass with nature. I then seal the piece with a carnuba wax to durability without premature oxidation. It is secured with a sturdy chain for hanging.

The Brazilian agate slices contain a variety of colors (beige, brown, clear, grey, and white) with centers of quartz crystals grown together. They contains beautiful rings with some nice swirls. It is estimated that each line represents thousands of years of creation.

Material: Brazilian Agate Slice, Stained Glass, Copper, and Lead (solder)

Shape: rectangular

Weight: 5.8 ounces

Height: 5-1/2 inches (excluding hanging rings)

Width: 4-3/8" inches

Depth: 1/8 inch