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Small Fused Glass Plate/Dish -

Small Fused Glass Plate/Dish - "Confetti Party"

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A distinctive splash of colorful flowers and confetti on a black background. The striking color is bright and festive. It includes hand selected blue, orange, yellow, white, and red pieces carefully placed to form a vibrant pattern.  This handmade fused glass plate has a shallow curvature perfect for decoration or everyday use.

I start with a base of flat black glass and add flower millefiori with colorful glass noodles and stingers. I fully fuse these together in the kiln. I then fire the piece in the kiln a second time to slump it into a bowl form.

All pieces are hand created in my studio. The process includes selecting, cutting, assembling, and firing.

Includes a set of 4 rubber feet as an option for better anti-scratch/skid on certain surfaces

Material: Fused Art Glass, Millefiori

Shape: Square

Weight: 6.6 ounces

Width: 4-1/4 inches

Height: 3/4 inches

Thickness: 1/4 inches

Plate Depth: 1/2 inches