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Slumped Wine Bottle Bowl and Tray Set

Slumped Wine Bottle Bowl and Tray Set

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Add some vintage wine flavor to your next get-together with friends. This set of slumped wine bottle bowl and tray is created by slumping wine bottles. They are perfect for cheese, dip, peppers, meat, olives, pate, or charcuterie.

I recycle wine bottles to help upcycle and find new life for these wonderful container.

Comes with your choice of a solid stainless steel knife or a stainless steel knife with a vintage resin wine cork handle.

Each of my glass art creations is a unique pattern. It is fired to 1,400 degrees in my kiln, then slowly cooled through a proper annealing stage to maintain durability and strength.


Height: 14 inches - tray and 11-1/2 inches - bowl

Width: 6 inches - tray 3-7/8 inches - bowl

Weight: 31 ounces - tray and 13 ounces - bowl

Dimensions may vary slightly. Photos are representative only as each is uniquely handmade and will vary from piece to piece.

Food and granite slab are not included and are for demonstration purposes only.