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Rectangular Unakite Focal Bead

Rectangular Unakite Focal Bead

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This Unakite focal bead is hand crafted here in the US in Washington State. It is cut in a freeform fashion with some natural "rough" left on the back, yet smooth for an easy wear on the pendant. Cord is for reference only and not included with the stone bead.

Uniakite is a granite composed of pink orthoclase feldspar, green epidote, and generally colorless quartz. This piece does have a natural crack on the back side and has not been treated or glued.

Cord in photo is not included. It is for reference only.

Material: Unakite

Shape: Freefrom

Weight: 4.8 grams

Height: 25 mm

Width: 10.4 mm

Depth: 6.9 mm

Hole: 2.5 mm (side to side)

Raw Material Source: India


Metaphysical Properties

Unakite is a powerful emotional healing stone.