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Rectangular Tiger's Eye Focal Bead

Rectangular Tiger's Eye Focal Bead

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This sleek tiger's eye focal bead is hand crafted here in the US in Washington State. This piece has unique and distinct variegated pattering with nice chatoyancy.

Tiger's eye is a chatoyant gemstone in the quartz group. It has a lustrous appearance caused by the parallel growth of quartz crystals and altered amphibole fibers that have predominantly turned into limonite.

Cord in photo is not included. It is for reference only.

Material: Tiger's Eye

Shape: Rectangular

Weight: 6.8 grams

Height: 39.9 mm

Width: 15.7 mm

Depth: 4 mm

Hole: 3.5 mm

Raw Material Source: South Africa


Metaphysical Properties

  • Energy of the sun, but grounded with earth.
  • Enhances psychic abilities.
  • Balances lower chakras.
  • Protective, and promotes intention and manifestation of will.
  • Unblocks creativity and lifts mood.