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Polka Dot Agate - Rectangular Cusioned Cabochon

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Material: Polka Dot Agate

Shape: Rectangular, flat bottom, cushioned top

Weight: 9.5 grams

Length: 33 mm

Width: 24.5 mm

Height: 5 mm

Material Source: Central Oregon, USA

Polka Dot agate from Central Oregon has a long history stretching back to early Native Americans. This material is only found in Central Oregon, but was known to be traded among various tribes with pieces being traced as far East as Illinois. While the older material is the characteristic brown/orange on white, the newer material is brown/orange on a blue/white translucent base.

The dots in the agate range in size from nearly invisible up to about 1/4 inch across. Most of them are completely agatized. Some appear to be a soft iron oxide material similar to limonite or hematite. Most are sharp, concentric spheres. Some are slightly irregular spherical outlines.


Metaphysical Properties

Helps release painful experiences. It is ideal for life span integration, helping to facilitate integrating one's experiences into historical "life records" in order to look at them as a past event. It also brings happiness into one's life and environment. It encourages cheerful energy.