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Petrified Wood Focal Bead

Petrified Wood Focal Bead

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Beautiful rich muted brown, gold, and creamy beige petrified wood focal beads with clear tree ring markings. This piece is solid and distinctive with the natural curve of the limb showing across the piece. It has a 4 mm hole drilled in the front for easy stringing. 

Material: Petrified Wood

Shape: oblique semi-circle

Weight: 18.6 grams

Height: 54 mm

Width: 17 mm

Depth: 13 mm

Hole: 4 mm

Metaphysical Properties

  • Useful for past-life explorations.
  • Encourages survival instincts & is grounding.
  • Connects you to the natural world.
  • Mental longevity, stress relief.
  • Helps ailments of skin, muscles, senility, arthritis & circulatory system.