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Orca Whale Plant Stake - Fused Glass Garden Art

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A fierce black and white orca whale (sometimes called the killer whale) fused-glass plant stake! 

Images are my first attempt of an orca pattern that I converted from a stained glass project. There was obvious separation during fusing, so I patched it for now. I am redesigning the pattern on a solid sheet of black with white overlay which will fuse far better than adjacent pieces. This piece will be updated in about a week after I re-fire the new design. 

Perfect in the garden, yard, flower pot, or in a planter. Each piece is firmly glued to an epoxy coated garden stake. Add a splash of color to your yard or garden year round. Mix and match with my other stake options; birds, flowers, whales, fish and bees (coming soon).

I make each fused glass slug in my home studio. I design each one, cutting the glass to size, assembling, decorating, and firing in my large glass kiln. They are fired to 1,400 degrees in my kiln, then slowly cooled through a proper annealing stage to maintain durability and strength.

Colors, shapes, and patterns will vary slightly as these are all handmade in my studio. Please allow for variations from those in the photos. 


Material: Fused Art Glass and epoxy coated metal stake

Shape: Orca Whale

Weight: 4.6 ounces

Height: 21-1/2 inches (total) - 5 inches (fish) - 17 inches (stake)

Width: 8 inches