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Noreena Jasper - Large Round Cabochon

Noreena Jasper - Large Round Cabochon

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This is a large round Noreena Jasper cabochon. It contains an interplay of red, yellow, cream, and brown.

Noreena jasper is a silicified mudstone. It comes solely from the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

This piece has a visible natural fracture and was stabilized to provide for durability. The price has been adjusted acknowledge this. 


Material: Noreena Jasper

Shape: round

Weight: 21.1 grams

Height: 47 mm

Width: 47 mm

Depth: 5.8 mm


Metaphysical Properties

Noreena jasper has an excellent healing property. It is widely used in the treatment of severe mental anxiety and removes conflict in a situation of emergency. It is used for increasing the power of love and compassion..