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Large Round Stained Glass Purple Agate Sun Catcher

Large Round Stained Glass Purple Agate Sun Catcher

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"Angel Wings"

An extra large Brazilian agate slice (4-1/4" x 4") enclosed in a stained glass mosaic and finished with an aged copper finish. This rustic piece combines nature with light to help inspire by reaching to the heavens. I chose a rustic weathered copper look to blend with the history of the stone.

The 6 pieces of glass are arranged to create an angel reaching for heaven. It contains yellow wings with a green/brown streaked glass to represent the movement through air and a more opaque white blue purple glass to represent the body reaching skyward. The purple agate represents the heart and warmth from within. When the sun shines through, it shows a deep red/purple representing love and warmth from outside inward.

It has a chain with two connection points to safely and securely hang it.

The agate is a slice of a Brazilian agate. It is purple and white. When the sun shines through, it create a deep rich red/purple. It contains beautiful rings. It is estimated that each line in the agate represents thousands of years of creation.

Time Lapse Video on how these are created (Twitter): Click here.

Material: Brazilian Agate Slice, Stained Glass, Copper, and Lead (solder)

Shape: Round

Weight: 12 ounces

Diameter: 8  inches

Depth: 1/4"