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"It's Not Me. It's You." - Large Sand Carved Marble Tile

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Add style to your home or yard with this original design by Yaicecream, a Phoenix, Arizona based artist.

"It's Not Me. It's You." is an original design. Sand Carved/Engraved Carrara marble tile form Tuscany, Italy, with etching average depth about 2 mm. This piece is an original design and part of my Artist Series. Image/design rights are the property of Yaicecream. In this series, each artists receives proceeds from every item with his/her design.

Add durable long lasting art to your home or yard with this truly unique art by Yaicevream engraved into a Carrara marble stone tile.

The stone is sand carved. I then add a 3 coats of flat outdoor stone paint with a matte UV clear coat to help provide a long lasting contrast within the etched portion.

All measurements are applicable to each stone, but are approximate due to the natural irregularities of each piece. Depth of etchings average about 3 to 4 mm in depth.

Dimensions: 12" x 6” x 7/16” 
Weight: 2 pound 14 ounces