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"Raining Rocks" - Hanging Stone Garden Sculpture - Yard Art

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These hanging stone garden sculptures are designed to bring harmony by balancing earth and sky while bringing a sense of artistic beauty into your yard or home. They are made from natural river rocks with the option to include slag glass cullet highlights.

Each piece is handmade here in my studio in the Pacific Northwest. They are made from naturally tumbled river rocks and bound securely with galvanized wire set with a small notch in the stones to prevent the wire from slipping off. They include a rust resistant leader cable and stainless steel metal ring for easy hanging. The optional enhancement adds slag glass cullet in random blue, light blue, and clear. If the exact pieces are critical for you please ask for photos of my current in-stock pieces before ordering, as I cannot do custom enhancements after the items have shipped. .

They can also be used as rain chains to help guide and minimize the fall of rain from a roof. Perfect for sheds or smaller buildings.


Total Hanging Length


Number of Pieces
Small 42 inches 9
Medium 60 inches 13
Large 70 inches 17


Each piece is unique and will look similar to those shown in the product images, but will not match the photos exactly. Slag glass cullet has softer blunt edges but can sometimes have a sharp point or two. The metal wire end can as well, although the sharper point is hidden by the joint rings. Always handle with care.