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Fused Glass Christmas Tree Ornament (Set of 3)

Fused Glass Christmas Tree Ornament (Set of 3)

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Add a touch of "glass" to your holiday decorations. These were my first attempt at Christmas Tree ornaments. They did not turn out as well as I planned. The top yellow did not entirely cover the wire loop. They are secure, but partially exposed. Therefore, I am offering them at a steep discount. My loss is your gain. These 2 sets will be the only two like it this season.

Each one includes a brightly colored holiday themed spiral hanging hook in red, green, or gold. Perfect for adorning your annual Christmas tree, stocking, fireplace mantle, and more.

Each festive fused glass Christmas Tree ornament is cut and assembled by hand. I design each one, cutting the glass to size, assembling, decorating, and firing in my large glass kiln. They are fired to 1,400 degrees in the kiln, then slowly cooled through a proper annealing stage to maintain durability and strength.

These are sturdy and will last a lifetime. I use them in my holiday decorations to add t ouch of "glass" to the holiday spirit. 

Height: 2-1/4 inches on average

Width: 2 inch on average (bottom)

Thickness: 1/4 inch

Weight: 1.8 ounce for set of 3

Dimensions may vary slightly. Photos are representative only as each set is uniquely handmade and will vary from piece to piece.