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Marine Fossil Box Collection

Marine Fossil Box Collection

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This marine fossil box collection contains 15 different specimens. These include various shark teeth as well as a Mosasaurus, fossilized shark cartilage, vertebra, and more. This is an economy set with simple photocopied labels and an unfinished wooden box without wall hanger.

Specimens range from 45 to 70 million years old.

Quantity: 1 set

Origin: Morocco

Dimensions: 9-5/8” x 5-3/4" x 1-5/16” 


  • charcharias tingitana
  • odontaspis substriata
  • cretolamna biauriculata
  • odontaspis vincenti
  • charcharias atlantica
  • mylobatis raouxi
  • onchosaurus vertebre
  • charcharias whiter
  • paleophis maghrebianus
  • myliobatis dixoni
  • enchodus libycus
  • mosasaurus (baugei)
  • pritis microdons
  • serratlamna caraibia
  • squalicorax pristodontus