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Fused Glass Coaster - Circus Theme - Red, Yellow, and Blue

Circus Theme - Fused Glass Coasters - 1 Single Coaster

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Sturdy 4" x 4" Fused Glass Coasters

Colorful "Circus" Theme - Blue, Yellow, and Red

These beautiful fused glass coasters are handmade in my studio. Each piece is unique. Patterns will vary as I balance colors and shape. I also fuse the glass frit (fine glass sand) into the voids. This adds balance, beauty, and functionality. It helps to hold any condensation from cold glasses. Each has 4 small rubber legs to  to grip and protect the table surface as well as other coasters when stacked.

These are sturdy and will last. I still use the same set I made 9 years ago.

Height: 3/8" each

Length: 4"

Width: 4"

Dimensions may vary slightly. Photos are representative only as each is uniquely handmade and will vary from piece to piece.