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Cherry Orchard Agate Stone Earrings

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This elegant pair of Cherry Orchard agate stone earrings is hand crafted here in the US in Washington State. These pieces have grey, white, and red with flakes of pyrite in a translucent body. No visible green in this piece. It is thin and translucent.

Cherry Orchard agate is also known as Volcano agate. Many call this Cherry Orchard Jasper as well. It is a form of Septinite. This is bail is rhodium plated.

Material: Cherry Orchard Agate (also known as Volcano Agate), sterling silver plated wire

Shape: Rectangular

Weight: 1.3 grams

Height: 18 mm (stone only)

Width: 8 mm

Depth: 2 mm

Raw Material Source: Swaziland Africa


Metaphysical Properties

This piece is hand crafted. It is unique and will have slight variances on the measurements provided.

As with all natural stones, pieces may contain cracks, pits, and natural inclusions. Please look at the photos and descriptions closely. I will sell various grades of items and price them appropriately for their quality level.