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Black Flat Leather Bracelet with Double Hole Black Stone Focal Piece

Black Flat Leather Bracelet with Double Hole Black Stone Focal Piece

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This handmade black beach pebble bracelet was crafted entirely in my studio from raw leather and stone with a antique style metal clasp. This is truly a one of a kind bracelet. My passion is the blending of mixed media; metal, stone, and leather, to make unique creations that inspire people when wearing them.

I start by drilling two wholes in the stone and then tumbling it through several stages until it shines the appropriate amount of polish. I cut and edge the leather for a smooth clean look. Next the leather is dyed black and sealed with a semi-gloss coat. The stone is then secured to the bracelet with with small strips of black leather and rivets. Finally the clasp is secured. These are completed made from raw materials with the exception of the clasp and rivets.

The clasp requires the ends to bend inward in order to secure or remove it, therefore, this is more appropriate for a 7" or possibly 7-1/2" wrist. I will continue to design similar pieces with clasps that require less slack in the future.

Materials: leather, black Mexican beach pebble, plated metal rivet and clasp
Weight: 21.9 grams
Leather dimensions: 17 mm wide x 4 mm thick
Slider Dimensions: 31.7 x 18.8 x 7 mm
Inside Diameter: 8"