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Agatized Fossil Coral - Teardrop Cabochon - 10.4 grams

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This agatized fossil coral comes from Indonesia. Colors naturally range from white to cream to red.

Material: Agatized Fossil Coral

Shape: teardrop

Weight: 10.4 grams

Height: 46 mm

Width: 25 mm

Girdle: 2 mm


Metaphysical Properties

Fossil Coral is said to be a gift from the stars that is used to enhance telepathic communication with other realms and dimensions. The Quartz qualities in fossils make them perfect tools for working on past life memories. Quartz is known as  a recorder of time and events.

Coral Fossil is also helpful for promoting inner peace and quieting disruptive thoughts. It can used for opening the gateway for communications with dead relatives and for receiving insights into some of the infinite Universal knowledge.

Fossil coral is said to assist in business endeavours, whilst keeping you grounded and motivated; it is also said to be an excellent protection stone for travel on or near water.

In physical healing fossil stone is used to assist with aliments of the bones, skeletal system, hands and feet.