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"Unity" Sand Carved Stone Focal Bead

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"Unity" - Sand Carved/Engraved Washington State River Rock - Massive Pendant

From the rave motto “PLUR,” this totem represents a community devoted to Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. This totem reminds us that these attributes are within us all. It highlights our ability to be inclusive of others in a way that brings more positive energy into the world through mutual engagement based upon these key principles.

"Unity" is my original design. Sand Carved/Engraved Washington State River Rock. This piece is an original design and part of my Artist Series. Image/design rights are the property of Don Wilcox. 

Depth of etchings average about 3 mm in depth.

Cord is not included. It is provided as reference only.

Material: Beige Quartzite

Shape: Oval

Weight: 53.4 grams

Height: 49.4 mm

Width: 41.6 mm

Depth: 19 mm

Hole: 8.1 mm

Raw Material Source: Washington State

Metaphysical Properties

This totem enhances the positive feelings of peace, love, respect, and unity. IT opens one to these in both giving and receiving.