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Satin Finish Picasso Marble - Focal Bead

Satin Finish Picasso Marble - Focal Bead

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This is a flat rectangular focal bead in a rich blend of black and gray with distinct brown and golden vein accents. The finish is a satin, which lays between a matte and gloss.

Picasso marble is also called Picasso Stone and Picasso Jasper. It’s a type of marble that’s actually metamorphosed limestone, which is a calcium magnesium carbonate mineral. This patterns resemble brush strokes of browns, blacks, and greys on the surface of the stone. These are created by iron oxides and form as lines and veins.

Material: Picasso Marble

Shape: rectangular - flat

Weight: 5.8 grams

Height: 37.2 mm

Width: 16.3 mm

Depth: 4.5 mm

Hole Size: 4.3 mm

Material Source: Utah

Cord not included. For display reference only.


Metaphysical Properties

Picaso Marble is an very nurturing stone. It will support and sustain onr during times of stress or difficulties. It will give one what is needed to get past a difficult stage. It will do so with love and protection. It is also a very grounding and calming stone. It will be one's companion stone during a challenging period, where it will make sure that one is connected strongly to reality.


Note: This piece is hand crafted. It is unique and will have slight variances on the measurements provided.

As with all natural stones, pieces may contain cracks, pits, and natural inclusions. Please look at the photos and descriptions closely. I will sell various grades of items and price them appropriately for their quality level.