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Fused Glass Wall Art -

Fused Glass Wall Art - "Raining Rainbow"

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Raining rainbow is a series of colorful raindrops streaming down the surface of crinkled iridescent glass. This beautiful hand crafted wall art comes in your choice of  white glass with red ribbon or yellow glass with orange ribbon. The ribbon is securely tied and sealed to provide a secure lock. I hand selected pieces to form the raindrops and streaming rain paths. Firing at high temperatures in the kiln also creates a unique radiating pattern around surface elements.

Suitable for hanging in a window or on a wall.

Each of my glass art creations is a unique pattern. It is fired to 1,400 degrees in my kiln, then slowly cooled through a proper annealing stage to maintain durability and strength.

Material: Fused Art Glass

Shape: Rectangle

Weight: 2.1 ounces (average)

Height: 2-11/16 inches

Width: 4.5 inches

Depth: 1/8 inch glass with additional 1/8 inch raindrops