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Fused Glass Sun Catcher -

Fused Glass Sun Catcher - "Streaming Amber Sun"

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A warm, glowing, streaming sun in an amber sky. This beautiful hand crafted sun catcher is made with amber iridescent glass and hand selected pieces to form the sun. The base iridescent glass has red and purple sheen when seen from various angles. This piece has more of the red sheen. Firing at high temperatures in the kiln also creates a unique radiating pattern around surface elements.

Suitable for hanging in a window or on a wall.

Each of my glass art creations is a unique pattern. It is fired to 1,400 degrees in my kiln, then slowly cooled through a proper annealing stage to maintain durability and strength.

The iridescent sheen does not photograph nearly as well as our eyes see them. Most people feel they look far better in person. Feedback on these has been awesome. I have included several different photo angles to try to capture some of the various color displays.

Material: Fused Art Glass

Shape: Rectangle

Weight: 19.7 grams

Height: 81 mm

Width: 32 mm

Depth: 4 mm