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Fused Glass Soap Dish -

Fused Glass Soap Dish - "Blue/Green Speckles"

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This decorative fused glass soap dish infuses large dot patterns along with blue green speckle patterns in frit (colored glass bits). It is fully fused, then in a second kiln firing, it is slumped into a soap dish form with large dot patterns in the bottom.

All pieces are hand created in my studio. The process includes selecting, cutting, assembling, and firing.

I also add a small bit of transparent silicone feet on the lower corners as an option for better anti-scratch/skid on certain surfaces.

Hand crafted goat's milk soap is not included, but available as an combination option or you can see it on this site here.

Material: Fused Art Glass

Shape: Rectangle

Weight: 7.4 ounces

Width: 5-3/8"

Width: 3-7/8

Width: 7/8"