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Fused Glass Refrigerator Magnets

Fused Glass Refrigerator Magnets

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Brighten up your kitchen or office with these colorful fused glass magnets. Stick them to the refrigerator or a filing cabinet for a quick splash of color and inspiration.

These beautiful fused glass refrigerator magnets are handmade in my studio. Each piece is unique. Patterns will vary as I balance colors and shapes. This series is my first with more options available soon.

Each piece is cut and assembled by hand. I design each one, cutting the glass to size, assembling, decorating, and firing in my large glass kiln. They are fired to 1,400 degrees in the kiln, then slowly cooled through a proper annealing stage to maintain durability and strength.

I use strong ceramic magnets. They are made by the pressing and sintering of a powdered mixture of strontium and iron oxide. These magnets have beveled edges that protect your surfaces, make separating the magnets a snap, and discourage damage to the magnets.They are rresistant to corrosion & oxidation. 

These are sturdy and will last a lifetime. I use them in my home to add color and brighten things up, especially in winter.

Height: 2-3/4 inches (some switch from horizontal to vertical)

Width: 2 inches

Thickness: 1/4 inch

Weight: 1.4 ounces on average (each patter varies slightly)

Dimensions may vary slightly. Photos are representative only as each is uniquely handmade and will vary from piece to piece.


  • Flower on Yellow - Bright red and orange flower set on a yellow background
  • Flower on Lilac - Bright red and orange flower with grass, set on a lilac purple background
  • Desert Cactus - A flowering saguaro cactus with rocks and a brilliant desert sunset placed on a yellow background
  • Sunrise at the Beach - Dark blue water, rising sun, and fluffy clouds set on a medium gray background
  • Raining Rainbow on Yellow - Beautiful raining drops of rainbow colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet) set on a yellow background
  • Raining Rainbow, White, or Clear Iridescent Glass - Beautiful raining drops of rainbow colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet) set on a yellow, white or clear iridescent background