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Agatized Petrified Palm Root - Pear Cabochon - 11.8 grams

Agatized Petrified Palm Root - Pear Cabochon - 11.8 grams

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This agatized petrified palm root comes from Indonesia. This has a natural creamy brown and golden color with a distinctive black swath.

Petrified palm root is from the root system of the tree. It typically does not have the visible fiber patter of the tree section, but often has a variety of intersecting swirls and colors, often with translucent sections that bring depth and perspective to the piece. During the petrification process, each carbon atom in the wood is slowly replaced with a silicon atom, thus the agitization process. Many consider it a type of agate.

Material: Agatized Petrified Palm Wood

Shape: pear

Weight: 11.8 grams

Height: 45 mm

Width: 26 mm

Girdle: 7 mm

Material Source: Indonesia


Metaphysical Properties

Fossilized wood is great for working with Wood and Earth Energies together as they've merged together in this natural formation. Petrified Wood works with the Root and Third Eye Chakras to bring wonderful healing energies to both physical and emotional issues. Many people like Petrified Wood for its ancient energies, lending to enhanced past-life work. Petrified Wood teaches patience and helps understand how to allow life to evolve in perfection. Working with its grounding energies can encourage one to live life as a spiritual being within this physical realm.