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Fossilized Stromatolite Stone Pendant

Fossilized Stromatolite Stone Pendant

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This elegant Fossilized Stromatolite stone pendant is hand crafted here in the US in Washington State. This piece has waves of clear, brown, and golden. It is thin and translucent. Stromatolites are the fossil record of the earliest life on earth. The bail is rhodium plated. It is mounted on an economy 18" silver plated chain.

Stromatolites are layered biochemical accretionary structures formed in shallow water by the trapping, binding and cementation of sedimentary grains in biofilms (specifically microbial mats), especially cyanobacteria. An example of these microbial mats can be seen in the many thermal pools in Yellowstone National Park, yet they also appear in many other environments, including some warm water oceans. Stromatolites are some of the earliest fossils ever found. Stromatolites are a major constituent of the fossil record of the first forms of life on earth. They peaked about 1.25 billion years ago.

Material: Stromatolite (fossilized bacterial mat) and sterling silver platted bail

Shape: Rectangular

Weight: 1.7 grams

Height: 28 mm

Width: 9.6 mm

Depth: 2.5 mm

Raw Material Source: Bolivia


Metaphysical Properties

Stromatolite holds eternal knowledge. This stone takes you back to the far ages of our planet and helps you to deeply go into closely guarded ancestral secrets. An excellent support stone while going through change, stromatolite encourages you to stand in your own power so you can fulfill your soul goals on a personal and a planetary level. 

This is a very soft, soothing stone with the ability to reconnect you to the primordial state of earth, the first forms of life, and your own past lives. It is excellent for seeing, physical and psychic. Stromatolite helps relieve stress, re-hydrating the body with base zero point frequency of earth’s origins.