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Distressed Brown Leather Bracelet with Lilac Blue/Green/Gray Ceramic Slider

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The stylish bracelet combines the rustic weathered look of distressed brown leather with a colorful lilac blue/green/gray ceramic slider, accented with antique copper dotted bands. This piece is ideal for a man or woman. It is equally appropriate for any gender, masculine or feminine. The leather is a sturdy 10 x 6 mm leather band, while the focal slider and clasp are zinc platted in copper.

The clasp has both a strong magnet and a tab to keep it securely in place. Once closed, each end is flush with the other for a smooth comfortable feel.

Materials: leather, ceramic, copper plated metal
Weight: 28 grams (for 7" - this will vary by length)
Slider Dimensions: 34 x 19 x 14 mm
Inside Diameter: 6" to 9" (specify size upon ordering)