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Black Leather Bracelet with

Black Leather Bracelet with "Wonderland" Multi-Color Ink on Metal Slider

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Colorful autumn colors with elegant style. This bracelet combines the elegant look of black leather with a handmade ink on metal slider bead "Wonderland". The slider bead is hand painted on zinc coated copper with a clear spray sealant. This piece is ideal for an gender. It is equally appropriate for any gender, masculine or feminine. The leather is a sturdy 10 x 6 mm leather band, while the metal clasp is sterling silver platted. The bead is held in place by allergen free nitrile rings which also add an esthetic transition between bead and leather.

The clasp has both a strong magnet and a tab to keep it securely in place. Once closed, each end is flush with the other for a smooth comfortable feel.

Similar available in Dark Blue or Light Blue.

Materials: leather, fused glass, sterling silver plated metal
Weight: 33 grams (for 7" - this will vary by length)
Slider Dimensions: 21 x 13 x 10.5 mm (metal and glass)
Inside Diameter: 6" to 9" (specify size upon ordering)