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Hand Hammered Distressed Copper Bracelet

Hand Hammered Distressed Copper Bracelet

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Made to order upcycled copper textured bracelet. I start with recycled copper water line. I clean and cut it. I add a copper wire inside to provide texture once it is flattened.  This is followed by shaping and hammering. Hammering work hardens the copper just enough to hold its shape, but still retaining a degree of flexibility to bend in or out for a proper fit. I then texture the copper bracelet with divots. Next I shape it around a wrist mandrel to create the cuff shape to fit one's wrist. Finally, I patina the indented portions black to add depth and aging.

This item is made to order. Please allow 5 business days for me to create and ship after ordering.

As with all copper, it will acquire an antique weathered look as it ages. This piece can easily be hand polished to a high copper shine without damaging the darker recessed portions.

Weight: 33 grams (will vary by size)
Width: 15 mm
Inside Diameter: Ranges from 6" to 9" inside diameter